Robotic Platforms

We currently enjoy the company of 3 robotic platforms and 1 robotic arm:

Besides these, our colleagues at Supelec Metz let us play with a handful of Nao humanoid robots (Aldebaran), another handful of AR.Drones (Parrot), some Koalas (K-Team) and two Youbots (Kuka).  

Jaco2 (Kinova Robotics)

Jaco2 in the lab, before installation on the Husky. Photo: X. Wu.

Jaco2 installed on the Husky. Photo: A. Agarwal.

Kingfisher (Clearpath Robotics)

Sensor suite: laser rangefinder (Sick LMS), pan-tilt-zoom camera (Axis), GPS, IMU (UM6 CH-Robotics), wide-angle front-looking camera (Pointgrey). 


At sunset on Lake Symphonie, Metz. Photo V. Louisot.

Frontal view. Photo V. Louisot.

Cruising on Lake Symphonie, Metz. Photo V. Louisot.

SRI on Lake Symphonie (Swan Robot Interaction). Photo V. Louisot.

On the shore. Photo K. Pierce

More details on the manufacturer's website.

Husky (Clearpath Robotics)

Sensor suite: Laser rangefinder (Sick LMS) and pan-tilt-zoom camera (Axis), both of them identical to the ones on the Kingfisher. GPS-aided IMU (IG-500 SBG Systems). Stock wheel encoders. 

First experience with Lorraine's terrain (Photo: K. Pierce)

First hill conquered (Photo: K. Pierce)

More details on the manufacturer's website.

Turtlebot (turtlebot wiki)

Sensor suite: Microsoft Kinect, possibly laptop webcam.

Coming out of hiding (Photo: K. Pierce)

Ready to conquer the floor (Photo: K. Pierce)

Guarding the building (Photo: K. Pierce)

Sokoban (Photo: K. Pierce)