People & Publications

The DREAM Team

PhD Students:


  • Stéphanie Aravecchia

Publications (since 2013):

Google Scholar seems to be the best way to keep track of our publications but we'll try to keep the list below up-to-date

ResearchGate is also a useful place to find the full text of our articles, even older ones.

GitHub for software we're releasing or contributing to.

Other profile pages: Orccid, LinkedIn

Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches (HDR, French diploma required to supervise PhD students).


Conferences and Archived Papers:


The documents listed below have not been submitted to any conference. They are made available to either document our own software or report on our experience with other software. 


  • Shane Griffith, Georges Chahine, Cédric Pradalier: The Symphony Lake Dataset: a 3-year spatio-temporal survey of a 1km lake shore using an autonomous surface vessel.

Alumnis and former colleagues: