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Prof. Cédric Pradalier, PhD

Georgia Tech Lorraine

IRL 2958 (International Research Lab)

2 Rue Marconi



By Email

cedric.pradalier [at]

By Phone

+33(0) 3

About Internships

Given the complexity of the administrative process involved in recruiting interns outside of the EU/Shengen area, I will only consider such applications when forwarded by a person I know personally and then only when the internship duration is significant enough to justify the investment (4-6 months). If you decide to apply anyway, I may not find the time to answer.

Students from French “Ecoles d’Ingénieurs” are welcome to apply for 3 to 6 months internships. Most internships will involve a significant computer science background but we can also have a need for mechanical engineers or students with some mechatronic experience.

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