Robotic Platforms

We currently enjoy the company of 3 robotic platforms and 1 robotic arm:

KingFisher (Clearpath Robotics)

This portable autonomous surface vessel from Clearpath Robotics has a laser rangefinder (Sick LMS), pan-tilt-zoom camera (Axis), GPS, IMU (UM6 CH-Robotics), wide-angle front-looking camera (Pointgrey).


Husky (Clearpath Robotics)

Husky is an unmanned robotic development platform with a Sensor suite: Laser rangefinder (Sick LMS) and pan-tilt-zoom camera (Axis). GPS-aided IMU (IG-500 SBG Systems). Stock wheel encoders.


Jaco2 (Kinova Robotics)

The Jaco2 device from Kinova Robotics is a lightweight, three-finger autonomous robotic arm that is mounted on the husky. It enables up to 16 different movements on 6 axis and a reach of 900mm.


10 Turtlebots

Turtlebots are personal robots that are able to autonomously drive around surfaces, see in 3D, and have enough horsepower to create exciting applications. They’re equipped with Microsoft Kinect and a computer webcam.


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