Meet The DREAM Team


Cédric Pradalier, PhD

Professor at GeorgiaTech Lorraine.

Specialties: Computer System, Robotics, Computer Vision, Sensor Processing, Mobile Robotics, Robotic Control.


Laura Monnier

European Project Manager on BugWright2

Expertise: Management, Communication, Law, Financial, Logistics.


Chadi M'Sila

Robotics engineer on BugWright2

Expertise: Robotics, Artificial Intelligence. 

Karol Hadz

Robotics engineer on Hullscanner

Expertise: mechatronics.

Svyatoslav Covanov

Robotics engineer on Hullscanner

Expertise: Algorithmic, Sensor Processing, Bilinear Algebra.

PhD Students

Mehran Adibi Sedeh

Expertise: Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning.

Luis Batista

Expertise:  Robotics, Computer Vision.

Elena Berhocoirigoin

Expertise: Machine Learning, Ecology.

Salim Khazem

Expertise: Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Cloud Computing. 

Marion Richardot

Expertise: Machine Learning, Ecology.

Pete Schroepfer

Expertise: Mobile Robotics, Localization, Embedded System Development.

Xiaolong Wu

Expertise: Visual SLAM, Localization.

Master Students

Junghwan Ro

Expertise: Robotics, Machine Learning.

Alumnis & Former Colleagues

Aishwarya Venkataramanan, PhD

Expertise: Computer Vision, Deep Learning.

Stéphanie Aravecchia, PhD

Expertise: Robotics, Exploration, 3D reconstruction.

Othmane Ouabi, PhD

Expertise: Machine Learning, Automated Inspection, Signal Processing.

Research and development engineer at Sysnav, Paris, France. 

Antoine Richard, PhD

Expertise: Robotics, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Computer Vision.

Post-doctoral researcher at Space Robotics Lab (SpaceR), SnT – Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust, University of Luxembourg.

Georges Chahine, PhD

Expertise: 3D reconstruction, Localization, Sensor Fusion.

Robotics research engineer at Exxact Robotics. Epernay, France. 

Devarsi Rawal, MS

Expertise: Reinforcement Learning, Mobile Robotics. 

Jiawei YI, MS

Expertise: Signal Processing, Mechanical Simulation.

PhD student at Université de Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, France.  

Pierre Faure, MS

Expertise: Machine Learning, Computer Vision.

Marwen Aouini, PhD

Expertise: Non Destructive Evaluation.

Bryan Starbuck, MS

Expertise: ultra-wideband localisation, mechanical system design.

Ayoub Ridani, MS

Expertise: autonomous exploration, ultrasonic.

Antoine Mahé, PhD

Expertise: Robotics, Machine Learning, System Identification.

Robotics engineer at NeoFarm. Plaisir, France

Assia Benbihi, PhD

Expertise: Computer vision, Machine Learning, Visual localisation.

Post-Doc at Czech Technical University (CTU) in Visual Recognition Group. Prague, Czech Republic.

Bilal Ghader, MS

Expertise: trajectory control, wheeled mobile robots, adaptive control.

Jano Yazbeck, PhD

Research engineer on the Noptilus project. 

Business Development Manager and System Engineer at IEE Sensing. Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

Shane Griffith, PhD

Expertise: visual SLAM, 3D computer vision, visual data association. 

Senior Research Scientist at TuSimple. San Diego, USA.

Ankur Agarwal

Romain Michalec, PhD

Post-Doc on the Noptilus project.


Mohamed Mejri, MS

Expertise: deep learning, machine learning, computer vision.

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