Electron-Beam Microscope Images [Completed in 2017]

The main challenge from a computational perception point of view was the detection of an hexagonal mesh of nano-structures from an EBM image:

After a thresholding operation and an extraction of connected components, the hexagonal mesh can be fitted by detecting the dominant inter-blob distance. The difficulty stems out of the missing nano-structures and from a slight projective transformation (homography) due to the non-orthogonality of the imaged object with respect to the electron beam. The solution implements an EM-inspired solution, iteratively estimating the homography and the mesh-coordinates of the nano-structures. The thresholded nanostructures can be seen below (green for the disk-shaped blobs, red otherwise, blue for the mesh neighbourhing relations). 

The fitted mesh wil look like the following:

Our results on the processing of electron-beam microscope images has been used in the following papers: And

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