Gammarus Tracking

This work is a collaboration with M. Danger and V. Felten at LIEC (CNRS UMR 7360). The seed work has been conducted within a Spring 18 Semester Project by A. Jouandin and R. Ross who authored the following slides. Gammarus are fresh-water-dwelling arthropods whose vitality can be indicative of the water quality and exposure to pollutants. This project aims at quantifying these indicators by visually tracking the little shrimps within Petri dishes. The tracking requires multiple Kalman filters (one per shrimp) and the implementation of a robust data association solution.

Based on this tracking results, it is possible to follow and analyze the movement of individual gammarus. The video below is achieved by fitting a deformable model to the gammarus image.

The basic tracking process is explained in the slides below.

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