Autonomous Navigation of an RC Car

The objective of this project is to experiment state of the art technique to drive autonomously an RC car.

The RC car, equipped with a Intel RealSense camera, an RTK-GPS and a NVIDIA Jetson GPU.

The Undergraduate Research conducted by Kunal Sharma in Fall 2019 experimented Road Segmentation to determine the steering angle.

Segmentation obtained with MobileNetv2. This model was the fastest of our tests, but presented distortion close to the camera. This is not an issue to calculate the steering focal point.
Steering Angle determined with a simple algorithm, consisting of finding the first row from the top of the image that contains a certain percentage of pixels classified as road to determine the Y coordinate and taking the midpoint of the road pixels on this row to determine the X coordinate. The different thresholds in this image are the different percentages tested. The results are fairly similar.

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